Welcome to SP-Chemicals!

SP-Chemicals® is focusing on Sourcing Consultancy for Customers in the Fine Chemical Industry throughout the Life Cycle of your Products.

You’d like to know whether your raw material supply is secured?

You are looking for an additional source for a chemical starting material?

You’d like to check whether you can achieve savings with raw materials?

You are looking for a starting material (for a new project) which you have never purchased before?

We help our customers to find new chemical intermediates or new, more competitive sources for established raw materials. We guarantee confidentiality: the name of the company which is looking for a product or a new supplier will only be disclosed at the explicit request of the client.

Our network

With our international network of sourcing specialists, we can locate manufacturers within a short period of time and find the most suitable outsourcing partner for your synthesis challenge.

Our service

Using our services, you can shorten the evaluation phase of new projects and get a clear picture of starting materials situation.

Your potential

Let us analyze your single-sourced high-value building blocks and show you amazing saving opportunities!

Test our Sourcing Database!

Demo Database Access

Your company is looking for a great number of raw materials for R&D projects. The results of your market research are needed by several departments at different sites. Our web-based database offers comprehensive documentation possibilities for your inquiries. There is no software installation required.

In case you are interested to use our database for your projects, please send us your coordinates by eMail. You will then receive your login details for our demo database.